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For Immediate Release:
November 9, 2005


November 2005 Cycle

OAKLAND, CA —The Lew Edwards Group, one of California’s leading political consulting firms, won 100% of its propositions in the California Special Election conducted on November 8, 2005, passing successful finance measures to improve public safety and education, including team passage of a $4 Billion General Obligation bond for Los Angeles Unified School District.

Successful issue and finance measure propositions represented by the Lew Edwards Group Team this Election include:

Los Angeles Unified School District
GO Bond
$3.985 billion — SUCCESSFUL

City of Dinuba
Public Safety Sales Tax
$1.5 million annually — SUCCESSFUL

City of Porterville
Public Safety Sales Tax
$1.8 million annually — SUCCESSFUL

John Fricke for Emeryville City Council SUCCESSFUL

The Lew Edwards Group continues the winning streak established during the November 2004 election cycle in which the firm also won 100% of their local finance measures. The Lew Edwards Group (LEG) specializes in passing difficult, two-thirds requirement finance measures throughout California. Our firm has passed nearly $14 Billion in California finance measures. The Lew Edwards Group has a 90% success rate, many measures of which have succeeded at the difficult, two-thirds requirement level.

Many thanks to our Lew Edwards Group stakeholders and clients for their hard work and well wishes. With your support, we are succeeding in our vision of improving communities for future generations.

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